In Luxembourg, our companies are working in the modern and luxurious Axento building, in the quickly developing business area of the city - Kirchberg. This location is at the heart of Western Europe, next to the HQs of the highest ranked companies worldwide.This enables us to feel the beat of new ideas and innovations and to take inspiration from the environment. With the continuous improvement and reconstruction of our business fields, we cover a wide range of services, allowing us to develop new, yet unseen, horizons. The first expression of our vision is the picturesque Docler Holding office
building in Budapest, designed by us and exclusively for our companies with its unique and stylish design, which still helps us to fulfill our ideas and to relax after working hours, and thus it became a real second home to our colleagues, that won the title of the "Greenest Office Building" in Hungary in 2011. That was the place where the idea of creating of our new treasure trove was born. But the story did not end here... It is still writing itself with for example the recent establishment of our USA office...
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