For a Safe Kőbánya

Docler Group has been a long-time supporter of institutions and initiatives in Kőbánya. Beside these areas, it is important for the Group to support public safety in the physical surrounding of its commercial activities as well. Therefore, this time Docler selected to help the local neighborhood-watch program, a launch of an anti-crime broadcast show, as well as the distribution of useful and educational publications in the same subject.
The Group assisted in the funding and equipping of WOLF Neighborhood Watch of Kőbánya, so its members can continue their life-saving work with their volunteer firemen association at higher standards. Centrum TV began broadcasting a new program, called Védőháló, that covers
the subjects concerning all citizens of Kőbánya, regarding crime preventions, public safety and the work of organizations responsible for maintaining public order. Docler was happy to support the launching of this program.

Supporting public safety in Kőbánya has always been an issue close to the heart for the Group and this time helped in the printing and publication of a crime-prevention literature by three thousand copies. The publication is targeting citizens of all ages in the district in order to provide them with expert advices about how to participate in the maintenance of public safety.
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