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During Ronaldhino’s visit to Luxembourg last October, when he was presenting Teqball (, a number of young football enthusiasts took on the challenge of giving this fast-growing sport a whole new depth.
Daniel, Dany, Kabir, Lucas and Marco share one thing in common; a passion for football. The students, all studying at Lycée Technique de Lallange, joined forces and took it upon themselves to organize the very first Teqball tournament of Luxembourg. The tournament will take place on Saturday, 20th of May at the Rives de Clausen. Players will pair for 10-minute matches where they will test both their agility and technique.
"Luxembourg is full of good football players and very active clubs, so it felt natural for us to create a Teqball event and to give the people of Luxembourg the opportunity to discover this exciting, new sport. Sports have always enjoyed an elevated position at our high school, and this tournament will help us meet with other players from all over the country. We are expecting around 32 teams. We are in charge of organizing the entire thing including the search for sponsors, partners and funds. This sport event is also something that could be our first step in our professional lives!“ said the group.
FITEQ, the International Teqball Federation
This first tournament will mark the start of Teqball’s life in Luxembourg, as in September 2017, the first Teqball All Stars Cup will take place in the Grand-Duchy, drawing in great international players.
Additionally, the Fédération Internationale de Teqball (FITEQ) was recently founded, further realizing the dream of the Teqball team to make this new practice an Olympic sport.
For more information about the Get Teq tournament, visit
Make sure to register before May 5th!


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