Shower in the hangar? Hangar in the shower?

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Recently various speculations have arisen among our coworkers regarding the building with green roof next to the football pitch (even a top secret aircraft hangar has been mentioned), now we can reveal its specific function.

On the final day of the Docler Football League several colleagues could take a glance at the building and its green environment; currently only the finishing touches are carried out.

The facility will serve as the utility premise of our sports establishments. Our coworkers sweating after a football or streetball match will soon be able to take over the dressing and shower rooms of the building and its community space will be a fine venue for informal meetings, like after-match debates. The glass doors can be fully opened towards the park, so it will serve several events, such as sport leagues, open-air discos or barbecue parties.

We hope that no one is disappointed due to the lack of the fighter jet, but we promise that you will enjoy the semi-underground outbuilding. (Although, who knows what could be hidden in the basement... – the editor.)


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