Steel Bulls in Austria

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In September Dab.Docler enters the Austrian tier 2 national league. According to Azari Zsolt, general manager of the Dunaújváros Steel Bulls, “entering the Nationalliga is important to show ourselves and demonstrate that we are able to arrange the competition of a good and strong team. We would like to definitely become one of the four best teams”. He said both the Austrian teams and the managers of the league received their application positively, outlining that the league may be more colorful and diverse due to Dab.Docler’s assignment.

The roster members are preparing for the season with full throttle, since in addition to the Austrian league, they will play in the MOL League, as well, there will be several occasions, when the team plays two matches at the same time. It is worth paying attention to the thumping of the Steel Bulls, since they are facing a very hard and challenging term! Our slogan is the same: Go Dab.Docler!


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