"I'll Quit Smoking!"

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In perfect timing for the year's new laws aiming to curb smoking, the owner of the Holding, György Gattyán, offered a helping hand to all the colleagues who propelled by the draconian regulations and by their own new year's resolution, had finally decided to quit. We offered by today's standard one of the most effective therapy to stop smoking, and 26 colleagues chose to participate.

A few of the volunteers only used the treatment to reinforce their effort, since they'd already began to quit with the start of the year, but others leaned heavily on this method to curb their cravings. Based on the aftercare feedbacks, we can confidently state that this merely 40 minute treatment proved to be truly helpful to many participant. We hope that more and more of you will choose the smoke-free life from here on because it depends only on your determination!


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