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The last time a 45-member formation has graced the Hungarian skies was 15 years ago. This was the record which was now beaten. Parachuting is usually mentioned in connection with accidents, despite the fact that it is actually one of the safest sports. Enthusiasts say that this current record attempt will highlight the beauties of parachuting.

Balázs Tóth and his team planned a 50-member formation, the greatest challenge of which was finding 50 qualified parachutists in Hungary. Preparations have been ongoing for two years and participants attended several training camps. Last year they successfully completed a 32-member formation from two planes. The record was finally completed with three Turbolet L-410 planes which flew in formation until landing. The planes were able to carry 18 parachutists each. The athletes had 4 days to build the formation and needed 15 separate tries. The new Hungarian record was set on the 13th jump with a 46-member formation. Balázs Tóth has been parachuting for four years. Even with several hundred jumps under his belt, the training and its culmination was a thrilling experience for him. The team will try building a 50-member formation again next year.


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