Collecting Plush Toys for Charity

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Docler has already joined to many various and kind initiatives. This time Docler employees brought stuffed animals in relation to the plush collecting campaign launched by Rex Dog Shelter Foundation. October 4 is the World Animal Day and the 20th birthday of the Rex Dog Shelter Foundation. On this occasion the foundation organized an attempt to break the Guinness record, to which we also provided assistance with the effective help of our colleagues. Within the framework of the initiative and the record attempt the organization intended to collect at least 6,000 plush animals, which they gift to hospitals and institutions working with children in need after their birthday party organized on October 6. Docler employees offered almost half thousand plush figures for the record attempt. So far, we haven’t been informed whether the record attempt succeeded or not, but the toys gifted by us will surely bring much joy and happy moments for the little children after the birthday party of the foundation.


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