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The real estate portfolio of Docler Holding has grown with another investment. Besides its purpose-built office complex and soon-to-be finished luxury department store on Andrássy Way, the Holding has recently purchased Hotel Normafa.

The hotel built in 1989 is standing on a wonderful, forest-covered mountaintop (Sváb Mountain) with the best views toward the capitol, Budapest. The area had once been the favorite strolling place for many local artists during the last century, and Rose Klein performed a Bellini's aria from “Norma” under one of the several-hundred-year-old beech trees here, hence the name Normafa (Norma Wood).Only about 15 minutes from the center of the city, yet in crystal clear air and surrounded by mountains, stands the alpine-styled building complex of Hotel Normafa. The complex is comprised by two separate structures and bordered by three hectares of old growth forest park.

The hotel has always been a favorite destination for many foreign and domestic tourists and provided a home to several high ranking corporate events and family gatherings. Docler Holding will continue to operate Hotel Normafa in its original format but will also take advantage of the picturesque surroundings for team building programs and larger company functions.

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