The DFL Champions as Seen by Professionals

Date: 2011.07.13.< Précédent   Suivant >

Premier Liga, the triple champion of the Docler Football League, made even the professionals sweaty. We asked Huszár Viktor, the captain of the MAFC BME Docler Akadémia futsal team directly following the league-closing fun game regarding the impressions of the challenge. “We were surprised by their freshness following the previous matches as well as their unexpected tactics, and they shot several goals.” – confessed the captain. “Our defense was open, they got used to the small pitch, but our technical knowledge has been decisive.”
The Premier Liga seems to be a well-integrated and organized team, it really surprised the professionals. He didn’t conceal that they were a bit excessively self-confident when they accepted the challenge by the winning team, but while watching the finals they anticipated their hard work during the fun game. Despite their victory of 12 by 7, Viktor was still discontented with the game of the professional team. As an excuse, the challenge took place during their after-season rest period. And Premier Liga can be duly proud of its tough defense against a National League Tier 2 member team.



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