MAFC BME Docler Akadémia made a history!

Date: 2011.08.12.< Précédent   Suivant >

"The Contest Board established that the sports organization named MAFC BME DOCLER AKADÉMIA met the requirements set out in the Contest Notice for the Y2011-2012 adult men’s futsal National League Tier 1, thereby its application is accepted." – according to the publication of the Hungarian Football Association, which is commented by Huszár Viktor, the captain of the group as follows: "It sounds incredible, but it’s true! This is a tremendous achievement; we leave very serious teams behind!"

We can be truly proud of our futsal team, since an enthusiastic university sports team has evolved into the professional league and they are also capable of composing teams in the National League Tier 2, and in the Supply Championship series 19, 17 and 15. This provides regular, high-level, professional sports facilities for 150-160 children and 30 young students.

Our firm is in continuous relationship with the students of the University of Technology. The cooperation of the MAFC BME Docler Akadémia and Docler Holding is profitable in more segments, Huszár Viktor proudly summarized the success of the concept: "As regards sports, an intelligent, multilingual team is created with effective support; as regards HR, highly educated young ones will have steady, professionally prospective jobs. This is the WIN-WIN situation we wanted."



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