Silver medal at the Belgrade International Games

Date: 2011.11.07.< Précédent   Suivant >

The best sportsmen of the universities around the world came to fight each other. Indeed, the MAFC BME Docler Akadémia team signed up for the category of futsal (indoor football), but they also had to fight in the course of water polo, basketball, volleyball, and handball matches in the male and female category. At least 1500 sportsmen competed with each other in the capital of Serbia. Our futsal team consisted of Tier 1 and Tier 2 players. Mostly young ones visited the match to try the “force football” popular in the Balkans.

The first night of the tournament of 4 days pertained to acclimatization, while the second and third day saw the group matches. Our team fought with Polish, Italian and Bulgarian opponents and with 2 wins and 1 lose they were promoted at the 2nd place. Then they had to fight with the winner of the second group, the Slovenian team, and this great match resulted in entering the finals. There they had to face with their former opponents, the Bulgarian team including several qualified players. Unfortunately, our team was defeated in the finals by 4-2, however, a neatly glittering silver medal is a great ending of this fantastic tournament.

Our players enjoyed themselves; they loved Belgrade, where they were introduced as the first Hungarian futsal team participating in the tournament. They acted so successful that they have been invited to the most popular show of the Serbian National Television. They are expected to return next year and they have to do so in order to take the gold medal and the related cup. Let’s go BME Docler Akadémia!



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