Doclerites Have Been Extras in a Movie Shoot

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Tapolca, 2012.06.06 - 10. +1day

Selected Docler colleagues have participated as extras in the Hungarian-American movie coproduction, Open Grave. The film shoot that's partially financed by the owner of the Holding, took place during some very hot days and cold, rainy nights, and were supported by a truly professional team of extras of Docler colleagues. We can't say much about the movie at the moment, but the has already revealed that the Gonzalo López-Gallego (Apollo 18) directed film lined up the main characters to play by Joseph Morgan (Vampire Diaries, Immortals, Master and Commander, Alexander), Sharlton Copley (District 9, There Is No Plan B.) and Thomas Kretchmann (King Kong, Downfall, Wanted).

The story goes as such: a man suddenly wakes up in a bottom of a pit with dead bodies all around him. Since he is suffering from amnesia, he tries to identify the killer or killers, who could be even himself. The film was shot over 29+1 days in different regions of the Bakony Mountains. The Docler team has participated on the last six days of production, playing extras in the basalt mine of Tapolca Diszel. The production days usually begun with makeup and costumes in the early morning hours and lasted until late evening, but the last day's night shoot had to be postponed by a day because of a suddenly arriving, raging storm. The perseverance of our extras were ultimately awarded by personalized Oscar statues and a group photo which were passed out after showing a presentation from the photos that had been taken during the production. All our extras have left the movie shoot with life-long memories!



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