Donation to Red Cross – March 2022

Docler Holding made a combined donation of €200,000 to Red Cross Luxembourg (Croix-Rouge Luxembourgeoise) and Red Cross Hungary (Magyar Vöröskereszt). The donation will be shared between the two Red Cross affiliations in their efforts to procure needed goods and organise humanitarian intervention for those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Additionally, this donation will support the on-site teams helping to evacuate thousands of people, treating wounded individuals, and transporting them to hospitals.

Past donations

We joined forces with local charities and not-profit organizations through our Volunteering Days, where our colleagues take time from their workday to aid and support these organizations on their day-to-day activities. Along with these local initiatives, the DoclerSquad participates in acts of solidarity for different causes. We have actively taken part in and sponsored events such as Broschtkriibslaf, (Breast Cancer Run), Relais Pour La Vie (Relay for Life), and other similar endeavours. We also strongly encourage the fostering of diversity in technology. We have focused on supporting activities, programs, and events that build a more diverse technological milieu, such as encouraging young girls to explore and study information technology and related fields.

Mets Tes Baskets – October 2020

In October 2020, at the Stade Alphonse Theis in Hesperange, we joined forces with ELA Luxembourg (European Leukodystrophy Association) and FC Swift Hesper to bring awareness to children suffering from leukodystrophy, a disease that affects one's brain and physicality. We at Docler, as we have in the past 3 years, have supported the ELA Step Challenge, which raises money, via your mobile step count, for ELA. Along with the step donation, we provided a ELA-designed Teqball table to FC Swift Hesperange, which will be used by both the academy and professional team. Thank you to ELA and FC Swift for supporting this important cause.

Hack the Crisis –March 2020

During the quarantine, we teamed up with House of Startups, Farvest, Junction and many players of the national IT ecosystem to create the Luxembourg edition of Hack the Crisis. Fully charitable, the event aimed to support the Foundation of the Grand Duke and Duchess. Amongst the ongoing project, the Foundation has donated brand new tablets to the Club Haus op der Heed in Hupperdange to guide seniors citizen to use technology whether to communicate with their loved ones or to book medical appointments.

Food donation during the pandemic – May 2020

Sense of community is important now more than ever. That's why we at Docler provided food donations to Fondation Maison de la Porte Ouverte (FMPO), Pro Familia, SOS Kannerduerf, and Solina in Spring 2020. Our happy staff was eager show their compassion to this great organization and aided in the transport of the goods.

Eng Grous Famill – June 2020

The Fondation Du Grand-Duc et De La Grande-Duchesse, co-sponsored with Docler, is proud to announce that Jacques Schneider's collective project - Eng Grouss Famill - is on display now at the Luxembourg Airport! The project, which went on for several months, is a collage of submitted photos, drawings, etc. by the people of Luxembourg. During a time where we can feel so separate from each other, this artwork is a tribute to the solidarity and companionship that we - as a community - build together, one image at a time. Thank you to the Fondation, Lux Airport, and Jacques Schneider for proving what it means to be members of Eng Grouss Famill - One Big Family!

Lux Artists United – June 2020

Unique masks for a great cause. We've teamed up with ATP a.s.b.l. (Ateliers Thérapeutiques Protégés) and created Lux Artists United to spread awareness about mental health and create washable masks. The proceeds from the masks, which are designed by local artists and designers, will directly be donated to support the professional training and facilitation of individuals helped by ATP.

IT equipment donations – December 2021

Luxembourg's Lycée Guillaume Kroll received Docler's donation of Macbooks for their BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur) students. As an IT company, we provided the laptops to help support these students in tech with their daily studies and coursework, both inside and outside of the classroom! We also gave ipads to Red Cross for their shelters in Luxembourg to follow online classes during the pandemic. We also supported Mind the Gap project in 2018 initiated by Fondation Follereau to support students’ IT education in Togo.

Blood donation

Under the campaign, Docler Blood Donors, we encourage colleagues to donate blood to Luxembourg’s Red Cross by organising yearly event in the office.